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"Come downstairs Sarah."



This is a personal account that I have heard from a girl in school. This is a story written by ME. The owner of fuckyeahnightmares.  Do not paste it on other websites without my PERMISSION.

When I was in school I was friends with this girl called Sarah. One day we were talking about ghosts and creepy shit but she then told me this story that has happen to her. Even though this was seven years ago when she told me this, I will never forget it. She lived in an old house with her mum,dad and little sister. Where I live in Ireland in this certain town, it has a lot of old houses. Some are even nearly 200 years old. So this is when her story begins.

Her parents where redoing the house one day and found old human clothing in the walls. Her parents never really spoke much about the stuff that has happen in there house. But as a child Sarah used to wake up in the night and see a dark figure at the bottom of her bed. Her little sister would see it too. For years this always happen now and again so she grew used to it and never spoke about it to her parents. But on one account something did really spooked her.

One night she was getting up to go to the bathroom, her bathroom entrance faced the stairs. As she made her way she stops as she heard movement at the bottom of the stairs. It was very dark so she never saw anything. Then she heard her mum talking to her from the bottom of the stairs.

Her mother said in a calm voice, “Sarah. Come downstairs.” Sarah then replied to her, “Okay, but turn the light on mum.” Her mother replied again, with the same tone of voice.

“Sarah, Come downstairs.”

Sarah shouted no as then her mother sounded angry. “Sarah, come downstairs. NOW.” Sarah then replied really angrily saying I will not. Then she heard her father speaking.

“Sarah if you don’t come downstairs I will get very angry.” Sarah then replied to him syaing will you please turn the light on. He replied while shouting.


Her mother did the same.


Sarah shouted no back to them and got annoyed. She made her way to her bedroom but then stop. SHe wanted to wait in her parent’s room so she could wait on them. She wanted to talk to them when they both come upstairs. She made her way in only to discovered that both of her parents were asleep. Something was trying to get her to come downstairs and it was not her real parents.

Who says it was ghosts calling her?

i can’t get passed all of the “happen”

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buster keaton in hard luck postcard


buster keaton in hard luck postcard

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